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A Special Connection:).

Hi everyone!!! I know I haven't written in a while, but I'm back so lets get started. This summer was so fun! Here I was at my second...

Me and my cousins.

These boys are Lucas, Jacob, and Zachary. They are my cousins. They are crazy, like most boys.

Harry Potter fan!

I love Harry Potter. It was my birthday theme. I even have a Harry Potter bow. As you can see, my family loves Harry Potter. That was a...

Sister yoga.

Me and Luna do yoga together. She'll do downward dog well I do dog pose. As you can see, us doing yoga together is super cute.

Sister love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sometimes Luna gets carried away. In this one, she got on the beanbag while I was still on it too, and boom here we are. I got a little...

Me and Luna.

Me and Luna love each other. When we'r in the car she'll lay her head in my lap. It's so cute!

Baking time!

I can make buttermilk biscuits. It's not as simple as it seems. There's a lot of old fashion tools, I can't name them all!


It's Halloween in this moment. I'm Fancy Nancy and Luna is Frenchy. She loves the tutu. She wears it a lot.

Almost Brother

This is Logan. He is my cousin. He is like a brother. We play together all the time. He's 7 months older then me.

My best friends.

This is Bea. We hike together a lot. She's a great friend. We're like sisters. Well, Bye!

Puppy Love!

I love dogs and they love me. As you can see. This is Betsy. She has one eye and lives at a lake. I'll be back there soon, Betsy!

A dog's itchy skin.

This is Luna. She is 4. She is a black lab. Luna some times gets itchy skin. But we have a cure! A shampoo called "earth bath" and food...


Hi! I am Olivia and this is Luna. And this is our lifestyle! ( I'm 8.)

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